Centuries- old tradition

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Buying here you may enjoy just picked oranges from the tree, just as we have been doing in the orchard for generations.

Our orchards are in an area that was home of the orange crop in Valencia region.

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Natural Oranges

Natural Freshly Picked Oranges.

From tree to your house (without chemicals involved).

Homegrown, oranges selected for you.

Authentic taste and healthier.

Better quality than in the store, similar price.

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Risk-Free Buy

Risk-Free Buy.

Place your order.

Any doubt?.. we will contact you for clarification.

Receive your order at home.

Make sure everything is fine, try the oranges.

If not satisfied we refund your money / replace box.





Friday, November 28

Mandarines are ripe!!

Whenever you want, you can order.

Saturday, February 26

We accept shippments to EC countries!
Shippments are sent every Monday (Tuesday also for France orders).

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