In recent years being a farmer is becoming a difficult task.

Particularly in the case of oranges, which we do, the citrus crop has been globalized and now it matters the price rather than the quality. As the conservation processes have improved, the trader has the option to buy oranges in other countries with cheaper labor and place it on the market at the right time for him, no matter if the fruit quality is affected.

The consequence for the valencian farmer is that its oranges no matter its higher quality are paid a pittance (eg to 5 cents per kilo), hence the crop is not profitable.

For the final consumer, the result is that he is buying a denatured and lower quality product, however this is not reflected in the price.


In front of this situation there is only two options, reinvent yourself or die...

Now taking advantage of new technologies is possible to bypass the conventional circuit and to deliver a high quality product directly to consumers.

But for changing there are two major barriers:

  • The shipping cost, which is the most important price component and that makes difficult to sell small amounts online.
  • The consumer ignorance or lack of online buying fruit habit . This barrier is the most important, however disappears quickly once the customer discovers that you can safely buy online a product of much higher quality than the one in the store at a similar price.


At Ole mi huerta obviously we are not going to drop the hoe. We will fight for this new model in which both the farmer, who sells at a fair price, and the end user, who receives a natural quality natural product, have a win-win relationship.

Moreover, the purpose of Ole mi huerta is not just selling oranges but add other products following the same philosophy. In fact in a few months we will have in store organically grown vegetables from other farmers whe know.





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