Find products
The products are grouped into categories, on the left side of the screen there is a panel with the existing categories. Click on one to see its description and the products under this category, click on a product to see it in detail. Also on the side panels are shown some products, just click on the image to access the product detail.


Add and remove products to cart
To add products to cart, simply press the button "Add to Cart" next to the product, to select the box weight use the combo bellow; on the left side quick buy panel you can also click the green buttons with the price beside product.In the upper right corner it is shown how many products are in the cart and a little further down on there is a right side Cart panel that displays the cart contents, total price and the buttons "Cart" and "Check out".
Clicking "Cart" will show the "Shopping Cart Summary" page which shows cart contents in detail and that allows to increase or decrease products quantity or remove products, also it shows the total cost and breakdown with shipping fee and taxes. This screen can also be accessed by clicking on the cart picture on the header upper right corner.


Order confirmation
Pressing "Confirm" button on the right side Cart panel or "Next" button at the bottom of the "Shopping Cart Summary" page the order confirmation page is accessed.

The order confirmation has the following steps:

  • log in or registration, if already logged this step is omitted
  • addresses, in this step the delivery and billing address will be shown and if you wish is possible to change them, also comments or special instructions can optionally be added to the order, when you are ready, click "Next "
  • payment method, this step will show the payment methods available, select the one you prefer, if "Card or PayPal" is choosen you will be presented with another screen where you enter the payment data (none of this information is handled or stored by us) and then click the "Confirm" button to finish the order
  • confirmation, in order to confirm that your order has been placed a this final confirmation screen will be shown, depending on the payment mode the account transfer/deposit instructions will be shown, additionally an email will be sent to you with the same information


Order Processing
If there is any doubt when processing your order, Ole mi huerta will contact you to confirm addresses, details, comments and order instructions and thereby ensure that there are no errors. Therefore, please provide a contact number where you are available.





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