Burriana en la Comunidad Valenciana

Our orchards are located in Burriana, a spanish municipality in the Valencia region with a coastal climate and soil characteristics ideal for growing oranges.

It is therefore not a coincidence that in 1856 in this area was started the cultivation of mandarin grafts thus constituting the origin of the orange crop in Valencia.


Ole mi huerta! aims that you can enjoy just picked fruit from the tree the same way we've been doing here in the orchard for generations.


We let our oranges and mandarins to ripe naturally in the tree, without chemical treatments, collected when their size and degree of maturation is optimal.

That is why the harvest each variety according to its season and addapted to the climatology and the will of nature that each year is different.

To have a healthy and quality product, during the culture is given priority to the physical and biological means against the chemical ones; moreover no polishing products to beautify the skin or extend its duration are used.

This coupled with the selected collection, and handling with care makes its flavor all natural and without comparison with the ones of those sold in the markets.

In addition to its flavor and more juice content, as they are natural oranges, its vitamins and antioxidants are best preserved by being more beneficial to your health.


The just picked oranges from the tree are an extremely fresh product, once they arrive at your home can be kept in good condition about 3 weeks (2 weeks for mandarins).

To store oranges is preferable to a cool, dry and ventilated place, avoid to place them near radiators or areas under the sun.

A practical way to extend their conservation is place them on the floor over sheets of newspapers, trying to have the oranges separated from each other.

As a curiosity, our grandparents to have oranges during the summer, covered with them sand that had been dried by the sun.





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